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Daniel Bryan is amazing because…






I missed out on the chance to see WWE when they came to England just last week. University is more important. One of the things that saddened me the most about this is the fact that I didn’t get a chance to see Daniel Bryan as a heel. Last November, I saw a Smackdown house show (might include pictures of the event) which had a match involving Bryan and William Regal. During the match, Regal and Bryan switched roles, as Bryan played an aggressive heel. Everybody sitting around me loved this new edge and we were discussing at length how amazing a heel run would be. Needless to say I didnt think anything would happen.

Fast forward to now, and Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestling characters in the business. Not only is he amazing at playing the dickhead heel, but he is guaranteed a huge reaction where ever he goes, something that can’t be said from the likes of The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, three wrestlers I’m a big fan of.

What makes me happy about Bryans new character is, of course, his amazing new catchphrase. Although I missed the opportunity to chant it along with thousands of other wrestling fans, it’s since spread into my every day life. In between takes of our studio shows we’ll all chant YES, YES, YES as a warm up. During nights out we’ll replace words from songs with YES, YES, YES. The nice thing about it is I’m not always the one who starts the chants.

Losing at Wrestlemania is probably the best thing to ever happen to Daniel Bryan. What annoyed me at first had now made me incredibly happy. Wrestling is a weird world.


Just found out the book I did for Boom! Studios (Captain American Idol) that comes out this week has already sold out & is going back for a second printing.

I’m giving myself permission to celebrate (via photoset) in the best possible manner: like Daniel Bryan.

Raw Review

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My Raw Review - September 12th 2011

Really its the 13th in England but its the 12th where Raw is airing.

Right so Raw starts in 5 minutes and I’m still awake so I’m going to give my opinion on the show as it happens. Apoligies if I miss anything due to my crap internet and/or because I’m too slow typing but I’m doing it as fast as I can. Bare in mind I’m also using a computer to watch Raw and not the television. Also because I’m practically hiding this window there may be a few spelling and grammar mistakes that I don’t see, so sorry for them. I’ll do my best and hope you enjoy Raw and this review.

I’m not a fan of the name “Raw Supershow” .. I dunno it just doesn’t sound right. But I bet people said the same about Raw is War.

Alberto Del Rio is out to start this Raw. He asks the fans why they’re booing him, but its ok, he can take being booed, but not being disrespected. Like week, Cena gave him an AA and the WWE Universe made fun of him. Hes the WWE CHamp and NO ONE makes fun of him. Lots of boos and he is getting MEGA heat. Hes the man who took out Rey Mysterio, and he retired “Somebody”. Hes sure we all know his name. He forced Edge to retire, he beat CM Punk at summerslam, hes the man whose gunna teach Cena a lesson at NoC. You people better stop making fun of him, his name is Alberto Del Rio, and he is the Undisputed WWE CHampion. SPANISH WORDS! THE GREATEST OF THE GREAT. Bret Harts theme plays!!! Bret Hart is out here! Crowd pops wildly for their hometown hero. Bret soaks up the cheers a bit and taunts for the fans. JR puts over Harts accomplishments. Bret Hart calls him Amigo and the fans have a huge BRET chant. Bret wants Del Rio to know he respects Del Rio, he wants to give Del Rio advice, an education, its obvious to Bret that Del Rio doesnt know what it means to be world champion. Del Rio says he destroyed Rey and Edge Bret interrupts him and says Beating up on crippled wrestlers doesnt make you a champion. Give me a break. He calls Del Rio “All style and all stubstance”. Not a typo there. He did say Stubstance. Del Rio says a champion fights every night, day in day out. He says Del Rio is a long way from being the best there is. Del Rio says that Bret Hart is a former champ who looks like a BUMP. I think he meant Bum. A homeless person. He makes fun of his shorts, hair and jacket. He calls Bret Hart an illegal canadian who cleans his house. Del Rio is the best there is, not Bret. Hes the WWE Champion. Tonight hes doing to make an example out of Bret. He throws his towel off and Cenas music plays. He comes to the ring and circles Del Rio. Fans boo Cena more than cheer I think. Yeah definitely more boos. Cena Sucks chants and more boos rain down on Cena. BIG Cena Sucks chant now as Ricardo laughs at Cena. Cena says thanks for the welcome. He disagrees with Del Rio and says Bret Harts sense of style is fine, he sees a WWE Hall of Famer. Del Rio is wearing a necklace thing. Didnt notice that. Cena syas that Del Rio has finally grown a set of jalapenos. He says that Del Rio keeps running from Cena like a coward. Kind of sad because he wants Del Rio to go home. Cena says a bunch of things about cars. Turn around, go to Mexico and party like theres no tomorrow. I dont like these kind of Cena promos. Cena says Del Rio is the WWE Champ…for 6 more days. Hes told everybody that hes going to beat Del Rio at NoC this sunday. Del Rio says Why wait? and then says Stupido. Lets give them what they want. Cena says Why wait? I wanna fight you for a month lets do this. Del Rio says IF YOU HAVE THE COJONES Lets give these people the match they want. You, CENA, vs Ricardo Rodriquez. You hit this man in the face a few weeks ago, he wants to make you pay…he will do, tonight. Cena makes a few jokes. Cena plays to the crowd, hinting that he wants to tag team with Bret. He calls Del Rio Voiceless…Punk must speak Del Rios language. Cena wants Del Rio to put the WWE title on the line tonight against Bret Hart. Fans chant WE WANT BRET. Brets thrown his jacket off. Cena says LETS GET IT ONNNNN. John Laurinatis asks for a moment. Cena makes fun of him in a good impression. John says that everyone wants to see a tag team match, Del Rio and Ricardo vs John Cena vs Bret Hart. I wonder who will win….. Later tonight a final face off between HHH and Punk.

I enjoyed the opening segment, it was nice to see Del Rio open the show instead of HHH Punk, and it set up the main event nicely.  

American adverts are weird. By adverts I mean commercials.

We come back as John Morrison tags with Alex Riley vs Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Interesting match!

Morrison and Ziggler start off with a llockup. Ziggler gets a chin lock in, Morrison throws ZIggler against the ropes but Zigler takes him down. After some ducks and Leapfrogs Morrison catches Ziggler and tosses him to the pose. he hits the Flying Chuck to ZIggler. Two count there. Match is lagging slightly. Morrison charges but Ziggler moves and Morrison hits the ring post./ I love that spot. Ziggler is stomping John and hits a neckbreaker. Two count. Lots of talk about managers from the annoucners. Elbow drop from Zigggler gets a two count. Ziggler wont tag Swagger. Dropkick from Morrison knocks Ziggler down. Tags to both men. Riley clotheslines Swagger. Hits a AA spinebuster on Swagger. Throws Dolph out the ring. Hits an STO type move I think but Swagger kicks out at 2. Riley tries his DDT but Swagger counters into the anklelock! Dolph gets knock off the apron by accident and Riley hits a lifting neckbreaker style move. Nice! Dolph didnt break up the pin on purpose, Vickie and Dolph argue at ringside. Now im not lagging, Rileys finisher was a firemans carry into a neckbreaker. Better than his DDT. Swagger is angry at Ziggler. Ziggler says YOU CANT HANG WITH ME!

Interview time with R Truth and Miz! Josh Mattthews says Truth and Miz have a title match against Air Boom at NoC. Have their feelings changed towards HHHH?
Miz grabs the mic and readjusts it. He says they get their match and then everything is supposed to be ok?! All people are talking about is HHH vs Punk. But oh wait, they’re actually going to tell the truth today! If Punk wanted to tell the truth hed change his name from CM to BS. Truth thinks HHH has made a good decision. Truth respects it. NINJA PLEASE! Miz “what did u just say” Truth says Ninja…WAYAAAH, Please! Truth wants HHH out. Come on Miz, lets show people the REAL Truth. Miz has an awesome new shirt. Miz and Truth walk out to the arena stage. Truth says HHH is the COO, it spells Coo! Two times it spells COOCOO. Coocoo is what HHH is, if he thinks theyll let him off the hook. Him and Miz should be in the main event of everything. The truth is Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston are GUNNA GET GOT. AND THAT IS AWWWEEESSSOOOOMMMMEEEE. Miz is in action against Kingston next! 

Nice little match to advance the Vickie Guerrero manager storyline and to give everyone something to do. Wish it was longer though. Another good segment from Truth and Miz. Me and my friend said before WM that Truth would probably be fired before Summerslam because he was boring. How wrong we were, hes one of my favourites right now.

Bourne comes out first and heres Kofi Kingston! Fun fact: I met Kofi and Miz at an autograph signing. They were both great, Kofi signed my Kofi action figure and Miz made fun of me for having one, but complimented my AWESOME shirt.

Laggy comp is annoying. Miz kicks at Kofi and punches him into the corner. He beats down on him and the ref breaks him off. Miz snapmare Kofi and covers, he gets him in a headlock as Truth is shouting encouragement. Kofi counters a hip tops into a monkey flip. He tackles Miz down and MIZ LEAPFROGS KINGSTON. Lots of lagging happens as Kofi leapfrogs Miz and both men get knocked to the floor. Going to a break already? Really? we just came from one!

One reason why American adverts are so hilarious: TIRED SUCKS!!! Brilliance.

The US Rise of Nightmares adverts are alot funnier than the English version. Ours has ketchup and lettuce involved. Seriously.
Finally back and miz has Kofi in a headlock. Truth is shouting at the crowd. During the break Kofi went for a something off the rop and Miz counters to a neckbreaker. NASTY DDT to Kofi from Miz for a two count. That was evil, Kofi sold it well. Miz drives Kofi to the corner. Gets him out and Kofi counters to a roll up and dropkicks Miz in the sternum. Truth says STOP CLAPPIN! hahaha. Kofi kicks at Miz and chops him down. He does his usual shtick of flying punches, Miz counters the SOS, Kofi hits a HUGE crossbody off the turnbuckle and then I lagged and missed a kickout. Miz booted Kofi in the face. Kofi dodges another kick and Kofi gets a near fall. Miz hits the combo backbreaker but KOFI COUNTERS for a two count. Dropkick hits from Kofi. He jumps to the top rope but Miz cuts his legs down and hits a hangmans neckbreaker off the ropes. ouch. Miz goes WWE ‘12 Wake Up Taunt on Kofi and hits the .. Skull Crushing Finale. Forgot the name for a second. Miz gets the one, two, three and wins clean!

Nice little back and fourth match with The Miz having more control overall and constantly having Kingstons number. Truth calls them LIL JIMMIES.

Teddy and Vickie talk in the back. At NoC Dolph will defend the US title against Swagger, Riley and John Morrison. NICE! Kelly Kelly says something to Vickie but I dont care. Vickie says KK is a pathetic Divas champ. True. Oh god they’re setting up a Vickie vs Kelly Kelly match. For fucks sake. Cena and Bret are talking in the back and the crowd boos hahaha. 

US KFC looks sooooo good. I might have to move to America just for the chicken.

Annoyingly the adverts dont seem to be lagging at all.

Edge returns to Smackdown. I miss Edge.


Slam of the Week is Zach Ryder and King vs The World Most Boring Tag Team.

Speaking of them they’re in the ring. Great. McGuillicityutiy..ok I’ll call him Michael. Michael says Jerry is old and that he has personality. Do you know who his dad was? Otunga says he was a Harvard graduate. King says I knew your father, and trust me, your not your father. He calls David Otunga a lawyer. King introduces his mystery partner…oh fuck its SHEAMUS. I love Sheamus. I love how they keep calling him The Great White. Interesting fact, Sheamus used to be an IT Technician. Yeah. Sheamus chant from the fans. Otunga punches Lawler down. Throws him to the corner and tags in Michael. They slam him into the corner and Michael hits a scoop slam. He climbs the rope and attempts a forearm but King counters. Sheamus comes in and clothes lines Michael. he hits a HUGE powerslam on Michael and does his strikes to the chest in the ropes thing. He punches Otunga down and hits a high knee to Michael. He climbs the rope and hits the flying shoulder tackle. Otunga tries to interfere but King punches him BROGUE KICK to Otunga. BROGUE KICK to Michael! He grabs Michael and hits the Celtic Cross. It used to be called Pale Justice right? Anyway, Sheamus gets the pinfall.

Ok so why was King here again? Very quick squash match here, Sheamus has improved as a performer since he started in ECW and I won’t be surprised if hes world champion again in the next year.

Backstage Ricardo is doing pushups and drinking milk. Okaaay.

Orton promo video says its the choices not voices that make Orton who he is. Like when you shat in the Divas handbags? Oh I see its a promo video highlighting Randy Ortons DVD. WWE would like you to buy it. 
Fun fact, the Geiko Gecko is voiced by Jake Wood, who to the UK readers (if any at all) is Max Branning in Eastenders. Yeah!

Cena comes out for his match. Already? Bret Hart is with him. Cena needs to stop shouting things during his entrance. I do love how Justin Roberts goes JEEEEEOOOOONNNNNN CEEEEEEENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Ricardo announces Del Rio and his voice is cracking because hes nervous. No fancy car as that was already there during the start of the show. I wonder if I should save the sentence “Cena hits the shoulder blocks, the Protobomb and the five knuckle shuffle, hits the AA and wins the match” in a word folder? Copy and paste would love it.

Thank you Bret chant. Ricardo starts the match and Del Rio hugs him. Cena is being racist and uses Ricardo as a bull with his red shirt. Cena charges at Del Rio who jumps down and Ricardo tries to attack Cena. Cena no sells it and backdrops Ricardo. Ricardo runs to Del Rio and tags. HUGE Lets go Cena / Cena Sucks duelling chant. Del Rio stops and punches at Cena after a small ring chase. Del Rio whips Cena but Cena shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Cena hits a corner clothesline and a dropkick. Cena goes for the AA and Del Rio tags Ricardo. Cena brings in Ricardo and now I wish I’d copy and pasted. He does his usual schtick and is now doing the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Bret Hart has done so much this match. Del Rio is running away as Cena hits the AA, a sitdown version which I prefer to the kneeling one. Looks more powerful. Bret comes in and slaps on the sharpshooter and wins the match. He hasnt done it yet but I’m a psychic. Now he has.

Cena has a mic and says Del Rio needs to keep running. This Sunday your destiny changes. At NoC THE CHAMP IS HEEERRREEEE.

Yeah so, this is pretty much what you’d expect from a Cena match. Kind of glad it wasnt the main event now but what is? Vickie vs Kelly Kelly? GREAT!

Del Rio has got to be one of the worst WWE Champions in some time, simply because they’re making him job like a bitch to Cena. I know he had those Visa issues and thats not his fault, but let him win SOMETHING. Cena is narrating a video package about 9/11. I’ve never seen the Smackdown after the show but apparentally it was beautiful.

Wow Spike Dudley with no beard looks like Brian Kendrick!

Ha, George Bush.

This video package can be summed up by AMERICA, FUCK YEAH. Seriously though, this is as good a time for America to be patriotic as ever. And now they show a Popeyes Chicken advert. I want some goddamn chicken!!

 Trailer for HHH’s movie plays. He punches a car window in during it. Goldberg couldnt do that.

Kelly Kelly comes out for her abortion of a match. I’m so excited. Kelly Kelly has reached 250,000 followers on Twitter. I’m sure Rosa Mendes has something to say about that. #lolsmarkycomment

Vickie comes out with no music, Kozlov style. Ziggler is with her. TLC is the week before Christmas. One of my favourite PPV’s. Vickie does starjumps before her match. Kelly hits a Lou Thesz and slaps Vickies ass. A rubbish botched bulldog doesnt hit but..happened. Swagger comes out now. Kelly hits the stinkface. Ziggler and Swagger argue.  Swagger hits a NASTY punch on Ziggler and Vickie shouts at him. Vickie gets rolled up by KK and loses. Vickie shouts at both men and Zolph is shouting the blame at Swagger. Beth Pheonix rushes the ring but Kelly kicks her before she can get in! Beth gets in the ring but Kelly rushes out and walks up the ramp. Why doesnt Nattie come out from behind and attack her? And why couldnt they have done the Vickie/Ziggler/Swagger segment backstage instead of in a match? Seriously, have them argue after they lose their match, Teddy makes the US Title announcement, they argue some more and Swagger does the punch to Ziggler. Simple.

WWE Network promo video. Amazing idea but sadly I know the UK won’t be able to get it. Thank god for streaming sites!

Promo for Triple H highlighting his career. Never been a huge HHH fan, I appreciate his great matches and feuds hes had, but hes had some stinkers as well. Josh Matthews interview time with Mark Henry. Heres a guy whose grown on almost everyone the past couple of months. Mark Henry wants everyone to listen. People wonder why Henry has hurt everybody the way he has, Henry says that 15 years of looking over Mark Henry, 15 years of no respect, 15 years of never being Number 1 contender, not being the World Champ, the reason it all happened was to get to this point, to be the world champ. Henry promises Randy will enter the Hall of Pain. Basically what Henry said was. IT IS MY DESTINY, TO BE THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT…SHAMPEEON! Or was that Del Rio? Anyway, Orton comes out now for a match I expect. He looks over his shoulder as he walks out, nice little psycology thingy there. Josh Matthews gets to do the RRRRRRRRAAANDYYYYYYYYY…ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTOOOOOOONNNNNNN. The Announcers think Henry will win the WHC match, which makes me think that he will lose. Ah, they just said Orton vs Cody Rhodes is next, a rematch from Smackdown. A match that I liked but didnt think they reached their full potential. Hopefully they can right now…or after the break. Goddammit. 

Not that I’m competing with Kelly Kelly or anything, but I have 42 followers on Twitter….erm. yeah. SirCrudNoodles. Follow me. Now. Please.

Randy Ortons thigh muscles are HUGE. Why am I looking at his legs … Cody Rhodes hasnt entered the ring yet. And here comes the formerly Dashing Cody Rhodes with his Baggers. Fun fact: I was at the taping where Rhodes introduced his Baggers. Sadly I was too far away to get a bag. This is the main event and we have about half an hour left. This and the HHH Punk faceoff. Wonder which will get more time? Anyway, Orton shoulder tackles Rhodes and has a chinlock locked in. Rhodes drives Orton to the corner and punches away at Orton. He whips Orton who counters with a back body drop. Mark Henry walks out to watch the match. Orton comes out the ring and grabs a chair. He walks to Henry and Henry runs away. Rhodes from behind but Orton punches him. Uppercut to Rhodes and he throws him into the barricade. I think he backdropped him onto the concrete but I lagged. Covers for a two count. Punches Rhodes in the corner and stomps. Kicks to Rhodes now and more stomps. Ref keeps backing Orton off. Orton goes for a 10 punch. Rhodes counters a whip to the corner but Orton hit a clothesline. Orton keeps looking at the entrance way. Henry comes back now with a chair and sits on it. It doesnt break though. hawhawhaw. Orton walks to Henry. Rhodes is sneaking up behind him and Orton notices. Rhodes catches Orton with a headbutt I think. Again I lagged. Ref is counting as we go to a break.

Interesting first half of the match, Orton is being cautious with Henry whereas Rhodes hasnt been given much of a chance to do anything yet, but hes playing the defensive well.

Twix and Peanut Butter? Does America just add Peanut Butter to everything? To be fair I love peanut butter.

We’re back now with Rhodes in control but Orton is punching at Rhodes. Rhodes counters a backdrop with a kick, sends Orton into the turnbuckle and hits a facefirst STO type thing. He covers for a 2 and knees Ortons arm. Interesting tid bit, Big Show came back a week later after being run over by Del Rio, but is out for weeks and weeks after Henry jumped on his leg with a chair? OK THEN! Cody has a keylock on Orton but Orton fights out with punches. Orton LAUNCHES Rhodes into the air. Henry comes to the ring now with his chair. Orton clotheslines Rhodes and does his WWE ‘12 comeback. I do love that snap powerslam. He tries to go for the rope DDT, Cody counters, Orton counters the Cross Rhodes, Orton counters and then hits the rope DDT. orton goes mental and bangs the mat for the RKO. I dont get this logic, if hes banging the mat Rhodes should hear him banging. Rhodes takes off his mask, hits Orton with it and HITS THE CROSS RHODES AND COVERS ORTON. ONE, TWO, THREE! RHODES JUST PINNED THE WORLD CHAMPION! Henry is in now and he hits Orton across the back with the chair. Does this mean the end of the mask gimmick for Rhodes? Henry asks for the title and lifts it in the air. The world title not the IC. Henry shouts at Orton for a bit about pain and says there is more to come. In short, dont fuck with Henry.

Up next is the CM Punk / HHH Face-Off. This Friday Friday Edge is back on Friday.

Raw Rewind is HHH firing Nash. Speaking of HHH here he comes now to the ring. I’m glad he doesnt spend 20 minutes during his entrance when hes wearing a suit. How funny would it be if your boss walked into meetings every day to Motorhead? It would make work more enjoyable I imagine #lolIhavenojob.

Punk comes out before HHH says anything. I’m really digging Cult of Personality. Punk is wearing shorts, just like he did during his Independent days. I’ve been a fan of Punks since he debuted on ECW but he has gotten so over its ridiculous. Big CM Punk chant. Punk says Here we are Hunter, the final showdown between me and you, Im fascinated at the world wondering what we’re going to say to each other, I’ll start. I respect you. I especially respect you last week by firing the charisma vaccuum and ratings killer Kevin Nash. However that doesnt mean I dont like you, I know you dont like me, its been that way since day 1, I know that because people like to talk, they talk about the things you say behind my back. I then lagged alot so I missed alot of what he said. Punk said when he first got here, HHH said Punk was an Internet Darling that couldnt hang with HHH. HHH says Thats changed a little bit. Punk says Thats the problem. The fact that your perception of me has only changed a little bit isnt good enough, just like nothings changed in the WWE when Vince got fired, in his suit with his pants with no back pocket. He shares the same thought that Vince loves big guys and loves body builders, which is what main eventers should look like. Based on that, people who look like Punk dont get the shot. HHH says JEEZ Really? What about HBK, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Rey Mysterio? He said Bodybuilders dont fit their description. Punk says the mindset doesnt exist? Its not an excuse, its the law of the jungle. HHH says if he wants to use it as an excuse for his failures, go ahead. CM Punk chant again. HHH says Punks worried about his opinion but shouldnt, his doesnt matter, but the WWE universe’s does. HHH says the first 6 years Punk was in the WWE he didnt get this reaction, and he thought he was being held back. You wanna be a star, get over with the fans. Get them on your side and you’ll get everything you want. You dont need to beg and plead to be in the media and on cups. They’ll call YOU! Punk says We’re listening to the audience now? SO WHERE ARE MY WWE ICE CREAM BARS?! hahaha. And spare me the imaginary brass ring speech ive heard dozens of them over the years. The first one I remember being 2006, Philadelphia, the night before my first WWE PPV Survivor Series, captained by DX. 18,000 people werent chanted DX, they were chanting CM PUNK, CM PUNK. Hes right, you know. The story doesnt have a happy ending, its the first time Punk grabbed the brass ring and went nowhere. What you see with Punk is what yuo get. Punk would rather be hated for what he is than loved for what hes not. HHH says Have you not had opportunities? He lists Punks accomplishments, at some point in time you need to look at yourself, stop blaming others, maybe you arent as good as you are, not the best in the world. He said Cena said congrats to him after Punk won his first title, how dare Cena talk to Punk who does he think he is? Let me tell you Punk, Cena made himself something, he sells out arenas on his own, he won the fans over. Punk worries about his opinion, worry about the fans. Sometimes he looks at a guy and thinks he’ll be a success, but hes wrong, Sometimes he thinks someone will be nothing but he turns out to be John Cena, the biggest star in this business. Its about winning the fans over. Thats it Punk. Punk says WAIT A SECOND ARE YOU LISTENING TO THE AUDIENCE. Dont tell me I have to win them over. Yes punk, TODAY they’re chanting your  name, but what about last year? Not so much. Punk says hes earned everything he has got over the past 6 years. Congrats Punk, thats what you do, bust your ass every night to make it, thats what you do, you get handed NOTHING. Heres the thing, thats how you get over in this business. This isnt about business, this is about HHH and Punk, this isnt business its personal. You made it personal. Thats why this Sunday its NO DQ, with HHH. Not with the business man, not with the COO, not with The Game with a MAN. The man you insulted, the man thats gunna kick your ass. Well laaa dee daa. This isnt about Cena, I am the best in the world. yeah you’re gunna kick my ass fantastic, guess what, Im gunna kick your ass, pin you 1, 2, 3. Punks quest for change doesnt stop until HHH is fired. This isnt CM Punk talking to HHH Its Phil Brooks talking to Paul Levesque. CM Punks mic gets cut off. CM Punk and HHH are now arguing with no mics.  CM Punk calls him Paul. HHH asks for a mic. None are working. He offers Punk another mic. I LAG. NO! CM Punk chant. CM Punk takes the mic and DRILLS HHH WITH IT. He does the DX taunt and says Suck It. He leaves the ring to a huge CM Punk chant and applause. Holy shit HHH is SELLING.

That was one of the best promos I’ve seen in a while between Punk and HHH. Both had great arguments and its something you definitely need to watch on youtube to get the full enjoyment. However I have ONE gripe with this promo. HHH kept saying You need to get over with the fans. You need them to like you to make it, like John Cena did. Erm…hang on, doesn’t Cena get booed by half the crowd every time he makes an appearence? It was a minor thing but it annoyed me. Punk hitting HHH at the end was great as well because its the first time they’ve gotten physical with each other. A great promo and a great way to end a pretty good Raw.

The first wrestler I ever saw on TV. In a nice coincidence, he was the first famous wrestler I ever saw live. :)

The first wrestler I ever saw on TV. In a nice coincidence, he was the first famous wrestler I ever saw live. :)